Our CD and DVD package prices are generally based on you supplying us with your press ready finished artwork files.  Due to the latest technology, we produce your artwork using Computer To Plate Printing. This means that for all the CD packages, you no longer have to pay extra for films.

Of course it is possible to supply more comprehensive booklet sizes and formats for a small additional charge. We can supply 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 page booklets and alternative cases and boxes such as digipacks, coloured cases, card and PVC wallets etc.

We can also provide you with over-wrapping on all factory products, which always gives you a far more ‘finished’ quality to your products, making them that little bit more ‘sellable’!

Let us know if your product requires a FREE Bar Code, and we will supply you with an EAN-13 number and associated eps file which you can drop into the appropriate place in your artwork. Alternatively we can do it for you for a small charge.

It is essential that all artwork files are sized correctly and adhere to our spec, and include any additional information, such as catalogue numbers, barcodes etc. We can supply you with all the information you need with regard to CD specifications and dimensions. To take advantage of our latest Computer To Plate printing, you will normally need to supply us with high resolution pdf files saved to our specs, preferably accompanied by hard copy proofs that the printers can take as a reliable reference.

Click here for our print specs and templates.


Many of our clients create great CD artwork ideas but struggle when it comes to getting it all together for production.

So… if you prefer, our graphic designer can help originate your artwork from scratch, working from photos, text, logos and other images that you want to incorporate. Give us the concept and we will make it reality! This will normally incur an additional charge starting at around £60, depending on the amount and complexity of the work required.  At the end of this work you will be provided with colour proofs for approval, before the files are finished ready for production. Call or email and let us know if you have a specific idea or concept regarding your artwork, and we will help you create it.


People are often surprised to find that artwork can be the most problematic area of manufacturing…

Please bear in mind that 75% of the hold ups on production are due to problems with customers’ independently produced artwork files, and rarely the audio or video content. Artwork that is out of spec will be rejected, and have to be represented. Please take this into account if you have a deadline!


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